Monday, 14 March 2016


We have all gone through the good feeling when people try to strike a conversation with you for no reason. Not intrusion of privacy, just decent conversation - perhaps when bored in an office or at a seminar.

But things turn interesting when the other person comes to know that the good looking stranger hails from Kashmir. From being asked the reason behind fair skin to requests to be introduced to Kashmiri girls there are all sorts of things people want to know. There are the staples, why do you want independence? why do you support Pakistan's cricket team? And there are the awkward, how can you speak English so well?

Our culture may be unique, but is not isolated. Nor are Kashmiris as a people. One can argue for people from distant places not knowing where Kashmir is, or as blogger Faysal saw, confuse the place with the song. But for Indians and Pakistanis, who have very precise ideas of what Kashmiris want or should want, not knowing what Kashmiris are is ironical.

Here is a selection from the Twitter trend of 13 March 2016 where Kashmiris joined in to share the experience.

Yes, that one.

The list goes on and on. If you have heard any interesting question or been asked any, write in the comments.

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