Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I feel profoundly for this blog. From the title, to the words that go in it. It is me in ways I never thought I would be me. Or could be.

Four years down and it feels like home. With rooms to escape and balconies to stand on. With windows to see the world through. And doors to let people in.

I have interacted with some amazing people through this space. And been called names by others.

We take what we get. Thank you for being here. For all the comments, likes, shares and follows.

Happy Fourth, Rich Autumns.
(Four years ago, I was still debate the logic and timing for a blog. But November it is!)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

In Preparation for Curfew

We are in preparation for curfew.

The motor which was not working has been repaired, because we don't want to spend two days without water. The telephone has been repaired too.

I am also hoping that they don't shut down the internet, while the person who made a huge hullabaloo about "Digital India" visits our poor country.

Policemen are everywhere. Stopping cars and checking stuff. I was stopped once, asked to get down and open the trunk. They didnt ask me for an I-Card, which surprised me. He poked around with his rifle in the trunk and let go.

Newspapers are full of people being arrested. I notice some people are off social networking sites. Those are being monitored. Lest some policewallah is reading my blog too, Hi. Cold, isn't it?

We are taught to live in this fear, and I am not especially brave either. Some people were working to shine the board of Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium yesterday. That is where the bureaucrats will sit and listen to him give a speech. No, he isn't new or the first one. Neither is our pessimism.

A lot of posters have been put up for welcome. They read "Kashmir Welcomes...". Yes, from its prisons of hearts and minds, and places, we welcome everyone.