Friday, 15 November 2013

Where Auburn Chinars Stand Tall - a poem

The leaves have begun to fall 
So drift gently towards the earth 
Where to us appear like knaves 
And dance upon wind's sad sails.
The colours in them, of mirth 
Of gold, like golden roads paved
Where auburn Chinars stand tall 
Overlooking the city's lost lakes.
From Dargah the tidings come
They carry a certain green leaf
Like a certain dream floating 
Hanging on to the last of hopes
Among the shades of glee
Green, and gold and autumn.
I write hope on the grey skies
With this fall's glowing red
For hope is the hue of Prayer
Which one day will be answered
And the birds that've been held for long
Will spread their wings and fly away
Like the leaves in this autumn's way.

(c) Rich Autumns

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