Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thank God For Little Pleasures - XII

The Dal Lake with all its dense algae, never ending weeds, and thickened waters is a wonder. It is a far cry from what we are told it used to be. But it is beautiful. Of course, it is still beautiful. 

On a unusually quiet autumn afternoon, you sit motionless on the banks of the Dal and concentrate on the sound of the water as it slaps the rocky wall. The deep rippling voice of the lake, like a sagacious grandparent, speaking to you. The Dal has been a witness of Kashmir. Under the mass of algae and weeds the spirit of the Dal lies waste. It bears a witness to the daily struggle of Kashmir in its innumerable forms, from dawn to sunset.

In the golden sunlight the sun is slowly sinking behind the houseboats. The boatmen are mooring their boats. An elderly couple, a group of old friends, and a lonesome photographer stand quietly waiting for the sun to slowly change its colours. A few noisy cars, a group of famished dogs and a few army men pass by. The sun has gone and the waves rise to bid it good bye. A few fountains lit up. A white moon hangs low.

Beneath the algae, the spirit of the lake sleeps.


  1. Beautiful writing. A picture of perfect serenity.

  2. I wish you had put some more pics of the lake. It is so beautiful! Do you live near the lake? Like, can you actually walk to the lake whenever you want to? If yes, I envy you immensely!

    1. Thank you, Farheen. The lake is called Dal Lake, and the road on the side is called Boulevard Road. Both are open spaces. Yes, we can actually walk to lake whenever we want to (provided there is no curfew!).

      The Dal Lake is right in the centre of the city of Srinagar. You can see a few more pics here on a previous article I wrote about it.


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