Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We Have a Problem, Houston

Last night was a frenzied hubbub of people over social networks eager to bring in the magical date of 12-12-12. Now the bedlam rests for a century, when our descendants (if Facebook and Twitter are still in vogue by then, which is difficult) would dig up our statuses to read that their fore fathers too were excited by the date. Not so much by the day. We don't know what to do with it. It's a day, well, umm, it is, you know, a day. So, yay, carpe diem!


Kashmir had come up with something. Remember the destructive 2005 earthquake? So many people spent that night in their lawns, waiting for a second earthquake to happen and their houses to collapse. It was announced over the minarets of mosques and by telephones and cell phones. Cell phones were still only a year old in Kashmir, and hence were more trustworthy than the land-lines  A second earthquake was coming, and some people were careful to add, that it had already happened in Hawal and was now "spreading".

Yesterday, there was supposed to be 'cosmo ray' attack on the earth. From 12:30 to 3:30 a.m. the earth was vulnerable to rays coming in from, of all places, Mars. Surely, the Martians are angry. (May be its because of the Chinese who are planning to plant vegetables and start a Communist Party there). We were all advised to keep the cell phones switched from during those hours. Phones have an embarrassing habit of exploding at odd hours!

Not many complaints were heard about phones exploding. But insanity among cell phones is an entirely different matter. Hashim complained of his phone suddenly turning mad at 12:30. Not sure how long the bout was sustained  but it was loud enough to wake him up. When he woke up from his slumber he found the phone dancing like an out of control ballerina and buzzing and hissing.

A snake dance!

But the real cosmic theater is supposed to occur on 22 December. This time, supposedly, with NASA's blessings. A Facebook post claimed that the night will be three times longer and the Universe will undergo a mighty transformation. We will have  a new world to ourselves, albeit with the same old problems. And what's more? The rumour mongers claim NASA's backing. But NASA played the party-pooper and  debunked the myth, saying that alignments happen every now and then and worlds do not end because of that.

A handful of presidents and prime-ministers are ending the world just fine. We need not invoke celestial activity yet.


  1. hey, dear wana work for GK......

  2. The hilarious tint in your articles is worth a read!! Your blog is always better than the previous! Its short and crisp! maza agaya!!. :)

    1. Thank you Saalis. Very glad that you read and liked it. I guess some things are best expressed with humour.

  3. The hilarious tint in your articles is worth a read. Every article is better than the previous. Its short and crisp. Maza agaya!!! :)


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