Monday, 5 November 2012

The Fourth Bridge

"Srinagar : The Fourth Bridge, Hari Parbat, and in the distance Kotwal and Harmuk."

Zaina Kadal, The fourth (of seven) bridges of Srinagar.

Photo from, A Woman's Life for Kashmir - Irene Petrie (1903)

Zaina Kadal was (in)famous for rumours. The Kashmiri saying "Zaen Kadalich khabar", (literally, the news of Zaina Kadal) means 'a rumour'.


The Zaina-kadal, or fourth bridge of the city, used to be the place where false rumours were hatched, but now the news makers have moved to the first bridge, the Amiran-kadal. Though the wise knew that Khabar-i-Zaina-kadal  was false, the majority are not wise, and much misery is caused to the villagers by the reports which emanate from the city.
Walter E. Lawrence - The Valley of Kashmir (1895)

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