Saturday, 24 November 2012

One Full Year

On 25th November last year, I began writing on this space. Clueless of what to write about. Happily, I still am. Hence the blog is eclectic and full of random things, events and ideas. Hopefully, it will remain so.

Kashmir is as beautiful, except that they have opened the new bridge on Dal Lake, which by its effects, appears to be extremely carelessly made and drawn. Now there is a threat to the bund with the 'tedha bridge'. Well, well!

Autumn is still a song, much like last year. The weather's been punctual and lets say Amen for that. Autumn is just as beautiful. And people are still complaining about it. People always complain about the wrong things. You can't help it. You have to sift through the complaints. And I have realized that Autumn is not one thing to complain about.

A big shout out to all the readers who made blogging exciting and took the time (and courage) to read the posts here. I have been quite passionate about blogging this year, and hence I'll call it the "year of the blog".

Thank you, dear reader. Let's see how it goes from here on.

PS: Excuse the cheesiness. "I don't believe in low-fat cooking." 


  1. Congratulations on completing 1 full year and how quickly the year has gone by! At the blink of an eye:) I will complete a year in Jan. Here's a link to my post talking about the kind of year it's been for me: A Big Thank You.
    Meanwhile, cheers, will keep reading and enjoying your posts!

    1. Thank you. It's been a good blogging year. All thanks to readers like you. Cheers!


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