Friday, 20 April 2012

Thank God For Little Pleasures - II

“It will be your duty, and it will be your pleasure too to estimate her (as you chose her) 
by the qualities that she has, and not by the qualities she may not have.” 
--DAVID COPPERFIELD, by Charles Dickens

Monday, 9 April 2012

Where Fairies Reign Supreme

I discovered that my friend was no good for walking. That was odd. I always thought college kids were good at outdoors stuff. 

It was on my insistence that we walked up to Pari Mahal from Cheshma Shahi. On the winding road that leads up to the fort, recently opened for tourists, it is easy to forget the city you leave below. Except the occasionally passing cars (and in our case, a group of guys listening to Himesh Reshammiya) there is no sound on the slopes, except for the birds twittering in the bushes. The bushes, on their part, were pink and green owing to the season. The almond blooms and narcissus. The fabled fairies had perhaps descended from their thrown open castle, and were now playing in the fields. Holding their skirt hems up, on tiptoes. Lest noise, would let their secrets out. On the Zabarwan, where they reigned supreme. Hiding their honour from the eyes of mortals. They talked to each other in slight whispers, which you could hear being carried in the wind. By dusk, they would have disappeared, and left the woods look lurking. Fearful. Where bears and army men patrolled. I dare say, detested.