Monday, 26 March 2012

Thank God for Little Pleasures - I

Thank God for little pleasures. Little moments that take up a lot of space. A lot of time. Make up a lifetime. This was written on Friday, even though it may be published on a Saturday or a Sunday. Er, Monday?

A couple of days ago it was all about the match. Mainly. Thank God for little pleasures, Pakistan won. A green, white and yellow zardah for their victory. The red is for Bangladesh's superb effort. So, by the way, others said. I am no judge of cricketing talent.

Thank God for little pleasures. The winds that blow the petals away. The pink in them. The whites in them. That we can see this, and tell each other of it. That we too will be blown away. The pink and white in us. Blossoms and bloom. I hope to go to badamvaer. I have never been there.

Thank God, for hopes do come true.

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