Sunday, 11 December 2011

Berries not to be eaten

Well, I did what I wanted. An evening walk on the Shankaracharya Hill. For that I had to risk being mauled by the bear which is rumoured to be roaming on the hillside these days. But I did go finally.

I did not take the road uphill – the Boulevard side. It takes about an hour to climb up from  that side, on good days that is. On days like these – cold, and dim, it may take even longer. So, going the nostalgic way, I went from the side we used to climb it when we went with our school. The United Nations side. It takes less than an hour to climb to the top, on any day and the descent is, of course, much faster.

The whole hillside was brown. Sand coloured. Save the evergreen trees, there was not a  leaf of greenery anywhere. That was good. It is autumn, after all.

I came by a couple sitting on a rock. I did not photograph them. But for someone who just had to express his love, I couldn't skip snapping.

Or the men who were secretly gambling on the hillside.

The beautiful little berries which are not to be consumed.

Or the golden sunshine.

The sound of Azaan could be heard all over the hillside. You could feel close to nature.

Even without the reminder.

 I remember, the sky was featureless. Sunny and cloudless.

I had expected the hilltop to be windy, as it used to be in summers. But wasn't. There was a slight breeze but I was so hot from the uphill climb, that I didn't feel it cold.

From the top, the whole city was covered in mist. The pictures are not bright, but I couldn’t help it. Its, perhaps the weather, and perhaps, my unpromising photography.


  1. u write beautifully....the pics are do u manage to find the right angles for clicking such pics...really nice fav pics are of the golden sunshine and that of the lonely tree....

  2. Thanks for the comment. My first on the blog.

    I am not really good at clicking pictures, but sometimes you just can't them wrong. They are naturally perfect.

  3. Felt nice to read such a simple yet elegant write up of a routine event which has become so rare in our lives.... almost felt like a photo diary !!! keep it coming , DD2

  4. Thanks DD2, so good to hear from you. Glad you liked it.

  5. "Berries not to be eaten" :: title wisely chosen: wonderful.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Saalis. That's a very nice observation. You are perhaps the only one who noticed it. I had chosen a different name for it initially, but later on decided on this one.

      See you around more.

  6. Such beautiful pictures from your state and what nice stories to go with... wish I'd read you earlier...reading it all...absorbing some...having fun...lurvely!


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