Sunday, 25 December 2011

Waiting, and welcoming it

22 December. For every Kashmiri it means only one thing – the beginning of Chillay Kalaan. The coldest, hardest forty days of winter. From 22 December to 31 January, the valley will see (or it should be if Nature follows the traditional course) the coldest days of the year. And I am hoping it does.
There used to be a time, long ago – a time which is only retold in stories – when it used to snow in this part of the season. The snow froze up supposedly very quickly, and did not melt till at least Chillay Kalaan lasted. The roads were covered in ice, making them dangerous to drive on. But in those days, the stories tell, there were very few cars in the valley. Less than today, in any case. The snow would be piled on the street-sides and turn black with the exhaust smoke of the cars.The weather forecasts don’t predict a snow in this week at least, so it may be sometime before we get to see it.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Tragic, even without mentioning it

I have tried and wanted to stay apolitical on this blog. I never wanted to comment on politics or politicians, and still don’t want to. But this was just too current to let go through. I finally found out what Farooq Abdullah has said about opening liquor shops in the valley. At last. I feel like I have been living under a rock, for not reading it earlier.

The Times of India article which carried this news item is this.

Lets read:

Steps like reopening of cinemas and liquor sale would boost the tourism industry in the state, he said.
So many people have already berated him on comparing tourism and tipsy-ism.  Only today Greater Kashmir carried this  post. So one cannot really add anything new to this.

The minister for new and renewable energy was addressing a function to celebrate the birth anniversary of his father and National Conference founder Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah here. 

How on earth could he have reached from Sheikh Abdullah to making such statement is beyond me, but we all know Dr. Abdullah’s speech making faculty. If anyone could reach from making a tribute to a dead dad to opening cinemas, Dr. Abdullah can.

"The cinemas are not here, where will the tourists go at night. Do you want them to stay inside the room?" Abdullah said. 

Dal Lake at night (C) 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Berries not to be eaten

Well, I did what I wanted. An evening walk on the Shankaracharya Hill. For that I had to risk being mauled by the bear which is rumoured to be roaming on the hillside these days. But I did go finally.

I did not take the road uphill – the Boulevard side. It takes about an hour to climb up from  that side, on good days that is. On days like these – cold, and dim, it may take even longer. So, going the nostalgic way, I went from the side we used to climb it when we went with our school. The United Nations side. It takes less than an hour to climb to the top, on any day and the descent is, of course, much faster.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

If you know what I mean

What do you blog about? I'd say nothing. You just create a blog, a space on the internet and move on. You fill it with whatever comes to your mind. Whatever you like, because thats the whole purpose of owning a space. Its Yours.

 Blogging pandits would tell you that you should be focused and write for an audience. Write for people who would come to read your blog again and again. But thats a very difficult ask. How do you keep yourself so focused? I always wanted to write a food blog, but something inside me (the little lazy devil, who lives inside everyone except the better ones of us) tells me that a book blog may be a better idea. Doesn't that come more naturally to you? But, many, many things come 'naturally' to me, if you know what I mean. Doesn't mean that i should blog about all that. Does it?

Anyways, here me, i dedicate this blog to humanity and the moods of my mind. Hang on it. Next topic may be food anyways....

PS: if the above doesn't make sense, you are free to ignore it. It was written on an Exercycle anyways.